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Installing electric car charging points is the next most important decision after purchasing your new Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). Established over 10 years ago, the Homecharge name has been synonymous with the installation of electric vehicle charging points and we bring trust and reliability to this new and rapidly expanding market.

As a registered installer of electric car charging points for the Government Dept ‘The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)’ we are able to facilitate the installation of charging infrastructure through the generous grant system still available to workplace, commercial and some domestic installation environments.

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5 Star Review for HomeCharge EV Charger Installers.
Very quick and easy installation. Clear pricing. Great service, couldn't recommend more. 

MicaelaFebruary, 2024

5 Star Review for HomeCharge EV Charger Installers.
Advised on our staff car park and delivered multiple EV bays within budget and programme. Very pleased with the process from start to finish.

Julie SaundersSeptember, 2023

5 Star Review for HomeCharge EV Charger Installers.
A seamless installation carried out by competent and knowledgeable engineers

Valerie Ritchie

5 Star Review for HomeCharge EV Charger Installers.
A very professional installation process with excellent communications on progress throughout the process

Peter McNeilMay, 2024

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The charging of electric cars requires a step change in our perception of ‘convenience’ fuelling as currently carried out for petrol and diesel vehicles. In the same way as everyone has got used to charging their mobile phones, charging your car will become as normal an activity as charging your phone. If you’re not using it – Charge it!

As the market expands and develops, and to supplement the grants available already we have also recognised the need to provide alternative financing options to assist with the significant costs of installing electrical infrastructure. That is why we have teamed up with partners in both the leasing field and the financing fields to provide alternatives better structured to suit everyones pocket.


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EV Charger Installations FAQs

Why should I install an EV charger at home?

Installing an EV charger at home offers convenience and cost savings. You can charge your electric vehicle overnight at cheaper electricity rates, reducing your fuel costs significantly. Additionally, having a home charger ensures that your car is always ready to go, eliminating the need to search for public charging stations.

What is the process for getting an EV charger installed at my home or workplace?

The installation process with Homecharge is straightforward. First, contact us for a site visit to assess the suitability of your electrical supply. We then provide a detailed quotation. Once approved, our qualified technicians install the charger, typically within one to two weeks for home installations. Workplace installations may vary depending on the existing electrical infrastructure.

Are there any grants available for installing EV chargers?

Yes, several grants can help offset the cost of installing EV chargers. For workplaces, the Workplace Charging Scheme provides £350 per charge point. Schools can benefit from grants up to £2,500 per charge point. There are also grants for landlords and commercial properties, making it more affordable to install EV charging infrastructure.

How does installing an EV charger benefit my business?

Installing EV chargers at your business can enhance your company's green credentials, attract eco-conscious customers, and provide a valuable perk for employees who drive electric vehicles. It can also generate additional revenue if you choose to make the chargers available to the public or charge a fee for usage.

Do EV chargers work with all electric vehicles, including Teslas?

Yes, most EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles, including Teslas. Our chargers are designed to work with the majority of EV models, ensuring that you can charge your car without any compatibility issues. For specific requirements, we can advise on the best charger for your vehicle.