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Empower your school with sustainable EV charging solutions. Installing EV chargers at schools promotes environmental awareness, supports green initiatives, and provides convenience for staff and visitors.

Benefits of EV Charging at Schools

  • Promote Sustainability: Showcase your school's commitment to environmental stewardship and green initiatives.
  • Support Staff and Visitors: Provide a valuable service to staff and visitors who drive electric vehicles.
  • Educational Opportunities: Integrate EV charging stations into your curriculum to teach students about renewable energy and sustainability.
  • Revenue Generation: Public-facing chargers can generate additional income for your school.
  • Access to Grants: Leverage government grants and incentives to reduce installation costs.


5 Star Review for HomeCharge EV Charger Installers.
A very professional installation process with excellent communications on progress throughout the process

Peter McNeilMay, 2024

5 Star Review for HomeCharge EV Charger Installers.
Very neat and discreet installation works – excellent job

Richard WebsterOctober, 2022

Electric car charging at a station in Europe


Currently there are government grants available until March 2025 which contribute up to £2500 towards the supply and installation of charging points, or up to 75% of the total installation project costs.

Cost recovery can be through direct payments from your staff on daily or annual basis at a tariff determined by yourself (see options below), but which could deliver a return on your investment within 5 years. With our flexible leasing you can have the solution you require and have a monthly repayment schedule that fits your budget. Please contact us for further details.

Comprehensive EV Charger Installation for Schools

FAQs on School EV Charging Solutions

What are the benefits of installing EV chargers at schools?

Installing EV chargers promotes sustainability, supports staff and visitors, provides educational opportunities, can generate revenue and champions a green zero carbon strategy.

Are there any grants available for installing EV chargers at schools?

Yes, schools can access grants such as the Schools Grant, which offers up to £2,500 per charge point, and other government incentives to reduce installation costs.

How long does it take to install EV chargers at a school?

The installation timeline depends on the school's electrical infrastructure.

Basic installations can be completed in as little as a day while more complex setups may take longer.

What types of EV chargers are suitable for schools?

We offer a range of chargers, including 7.4 kW units for regular use and 22 kW rapid chargers for faster charging, ensuring we meet the specific needs of your users.